It’s our belief that the future will be shaped by the well-educated generations.

How Does?

Our platform has been awarded with an outstanding success and service certificate by Ankara Non-Governmental Organizations.

On behalf of Ankara non-governmental organizations, Ankara University Rector Prof. Dr. The Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to Erkan İbiş. Our Vice President İbrahim Gündüz represented the Ankara Education Platform at the ceremony.


Our Mission

To improve the quality of education across Turkey to educate individuals who internalized national and international values, acquired the necessary knowledge and skills of the 21st century society, with high awareness for social and artistic values, technology literate, productive, able to speak at least one foreign language, internalized Ataturk principles and the culture of the Republic, respectful towards all human beings, societies and the nature.

Our Vision

To generate consistent solutions which address to all the components of education so as to empower our country with global standards; to promote educating liable, inquiring and open-minded individuals

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The essential aims of the Ankara Education Platform are to enhance the standards of the educational sector in our country and to increase the quality level of education nationwide to compete with the schools around the world. In order to realize these aims, the members of the Ankara Education Platform follow the below practices:

It channels the gross income into education rather than directing it to advertisement. It invests in the education system which embraces teachers and students within the school system.

It organizes workshops referring to the obstructions so as to find effective solutions to be put into practice.

Regardless of membership status, it works through studies with schools in order to increase the level of education in their structures.

It organizes events, seminars and conferences which aim at improving education sector.

It educates individuals to become effective entrepreneurs who are willing to work for and support the above mentioned aims in the future.

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